Friday, 26 October 2012

Taylor Swift - Red music sheets

Where can I print (not download) music sheets for Red by Taylor Swift?
I play both piano and guitar. And I really love Taylor Swift and i would love to be able to play her latest song “Red” on the piano.What website? and it has to be free lol since I'm sorta broke.


1) If you check out and type in "free sheet music," or "sheet music"you'll come up with a list of possible optional websites. You can either copy and paste on a Word Doc. or print out the web page.

2) Well i work at a library and i saw a Taylor Swift book that had all sheet music in it so u probably find one at ur local library and it’ll be free.

3) Try the website If you click on Piano sheet music, you can then find music according to your level: beginner, easy, intermediate, advanced, etc. Some sheet music require you to become a member, but the majority are for free. You can also ask other people on the forums at this website of what they find helpful.


Good news. You can find it HERE.