Saturday, 22 September 2012

A good site for free sheet music

Any pianists know of a good site for free sheet music?
I'm having a hard time finding sheet music for free, anyone know of a good place?


1) I recommend getting a free registration at A lot of people submit original sheet music and you can generally find scores for popular music.

2) There's no sure-fire way, but I tend to go to YouTube, find a cover I like, and check the info and comments for a link. It works about 90% of the time. If not, there's video tutorials.

3) Try digging into The only thing you have to do is upload one file each time you log on, but then you can download all you want until you log off. I'm a saxophonist, and I found a lot of great stuff both classical/jazz. You just have to be patient and dig a little bit. Also, the site has way more than just music, so you might enjoy checking that out too. If it doesn't work for you, I can email you some of the music I got for free.

After a gruelling few hours of tedious google search, I managed to track down the best ever sheet music site -

 I've been looking for some fun songs to play over the summer, but I really can't spend a lot of money buying sheet music. Does anyone have any PDFs of violin parts, perhaps? Or maybe a website where I could find some stuff? I'll take anything you can find! Especially if it's a cover of some popular song. That would be awesome. Thank you!

Tips for Cleaning Piano Keys:

  1. Avoid store-bought chemicals or furniture polish. These are too abrasive, and can lead to grainy textures and discoloration. Use mild soap diluted with filtered water.

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