Monday, 24 September 2012

Where to get your sheet music

Where do you guys go to get your sheet music?
I've been looking for some fun songs to play over the summer, but I really can't spend a lot of money buying sheet music. Does anyone have any PDFs for piano parts, perhaps? Or maybe a website where I could find some decent stuff? I'll take anything you can find! Especially if it's a cover of some popular song like That would be awesome. Thank you!


1) is also a good place to look for sheet music, it's a thriving community and the only catch is that you have to upload something in return for downloading something. It's great if you arrange sheet music and share it for others to use, and then you can download music that others have arranged.

2)  If there is sheet music available for that, your the best chance of finding it, will be through a local music shop, that handles sheet music. They have a variety of sources through music publishing companies, that aren't available online. Sheet music purchased from a shop will be correctly scored versus what you can get through websites.

3) Check with a local shop that sells instruments, they can get a complete and correct copy of the lyrics. Many times people have gotten incomplete or incorrectly worded copies of lyrics from online sources. Many professional local singers, bands and groups use local shops to get their music through to be sure that it's correctly scored as well as the lyrics being correct.

Sheet Music Plus has everything, almost everything under the sun from almost all publishers.

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