Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sheet music -- where to get some online?

anyone know where i can get free or cheap sheet music/song books online?? i'm currently taking up voice lessons and what i'm looking for are broadway songs and mostly pop/rock songs. i love the 80s rock power ballads and would also love to get some new stuff like kelly clarkson or alicia keys. i don't want to get a song book with just like one or two songs that i know. So maybe it's best if i got just sheet music. I know there's a site where i could download some and print it myself...anyone know where i could get those?



1) I study film music professionally, and I must say the availability of scores is a real issue. Most *do* exist somewhere, albeit probably in a some movie studio library available only if you know the right people. There are a few good resources out there though. A few universities and private collections have a good number of scores. Check out the Alexander Courage Collection at Eastman for example. The library of congress may also be of some use though I admit I have not contacted them about film scores. Try looking at the citations in those film music guides if you want to see where the authors got their access to film music.

2)  You probably won't find sheet music. Try looking up midi files or guitar pro files. Otherwise you'll have to transcribe it by ear.

3) You won't, its like finding a needle in the haystack.

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