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Safe and Sound Taylor Swift sheet music for piano?

Safe and Sound Taylor Swift sheet music?  Hey. So I love the song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars) and I would love to play it on piano. Does anyone know a website that would have a FREE downolad for that song? Please no videos from youtube. And please check the website for the song before you tell me to make sure it is on there. 


Taylor Swift Piano Sheet help?

I'm trying to look for "The Story of Us", " Forever & Always" and "I'm Always Me When I'm With You" by Taylor Swift, Any Idea where i can get a free piano sheet music for them? Please Help...

Free taylor swift sheet music?

Me and my friend love Taylor swift, and i was wondering if i could get free sheet music by her off the internet. I am hoping to get this by christmas, so Please help and answer my Question. My friend plays the Saxaphone and I play the violin, but i can also play piano music on my violin
pianolicious - It has the latest and most newest FREE piano sheet music, other then others that you might find there! I use it all the time to get my sheet music!!

1)  Pianolicious is a blog that is specialized in providing you the sheet music, partitures, notes, and chords for the piano that you've been looking for! You can find well over 100000 pieces of popular sheet music for the piano!

2) Try your local library they may have some sheet music, or music books you can borrow. If they don't have any they might through the inter library exchange be able to get some for you, all you have to do is ask. Many times what you find for free online, isn't complete, has been scored correctly scored, or worse both.

3) For a dependable copy try your nearest shops that handle instruments. If they don't have it, they are often able to get it through sources not available to everyone else. What maybe found online is not going to be dependable in correct or complete. In some cases you will find only partial scores, and not the full score, whether it's in notation, chord, or letter scoring.

4) Since you want free, try the local library. Anything that you get online is going either be wrong, or incomplete. Otherwise you're better off trying to get it from a local shop that gives lessons, and orders sheet music, for musicians. It shouldn't that expensive to buy a copy, that will be correct and complete.

Go try here - A1SHEETMUSIC

Tips for Cleaning Piano Keys:

  • Cloths should be only slightly dampened, and keys should be wiped towards you. Wiping side-to-side can allow moisture to seep between keys and cause damage.
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